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A definitive ranking of the top five tallest buildings in Austin — for now

These five skyscrapers are the current tallest in the Capital City’s skyline.

A rendering of the Waterline skyscraper, with the lake in the foreground.

Waterline is set to hold the 1 Hotel Austin, residential and office space, and ground floor food and beverage space.

Rendering courtesy KPF

Austin’s skyline has changed a lot over the years, and that change isn’t stopping any time soon.

The skyline has three new skyscrapers set to be completed in the next few years, all dwarfing the current tallest towers in the city. We know it can be hard to keep track, so here’s a ranking of the five tallest buildings we know of in ATX right now.

A graphic of the top five tallest towers in Austin, ordered in a row based on their height.

The tallest tower in Austin — and in Texas — will be Waterline, at 1,022 ft tall.

Graphic by ATXtoday

Waterline | ~1,022 ft | 98 Red River St.

  • This 74-story tower will be the tallest in Texas, and house the 1 Hotel Austin, ground-floor food and beverage space, luxury apartments, and office space. The skyscraper would have been surpassed by Wilson Tower, which was set to be 1,035 ft tall, until the project was significantly downsized last month.
  • Est. completion date: Mid-2026

Sixth and Guadalupe | ~875 ft | 400 W. 6th St.

  • Sixth and Guadalupe was built like two buildings stacked on top of each other, split between office space and residences. Check out the floor plans and read our interview with the tower’s architect.
  • Est. completion date: Sometime in 2023

Standing at 873 ft, Sixth and Guadalupe will be the second-tallest building in Austin.

Rendering courtesy Gensler

The Republic | ~710 ft | 401 W. 4th St.

  • This office building, next to Republic Square Park, will include 816,000+ sqft of office space upon completion. The tower will also have a plaza and outdoor bar, lounge, fitness center, and private terraces on every office floor. Take a 3D tour.
  • Est. completion date: Early 2025

The Independent | ~690 ft | 301 West Ave.

  • Once the tallest residential structure west of the Mississippi River, this condo project was designed by Rhode Partners, and is known for resembling a giant game of Jenga.
  • Completed: 2019

The Austonian | ~683 ft | 200 Congress Ave.

  • This decade-old residential complex offers luxury, high-rise living, andhas been awarded for its sustainability and design over the years.
  • Completed: 2010