How does Austin snowfall compare to other Texas cities?

We’re digging into the historic data on snow in Texas, from annual averages to largest storms.

Snow on the Texas Capitol, with two people walking in the foreground to the right.

The winter storm of 2021 dropped more than six inches of snow in Austin and resulted in widespread power outages and dangerous conditions across the city.

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Some parts of the Austin metro saw light snowfall from the arctic cold front that blew into Central Texas this week.

The residents of Del Valle woke up to a dusting of snow Monday — just enough to last a morning and to make a few snowballs.

In recognition of the event, we decided to do some reflection on snowfall in ATX.

Average snow in Austin

Freezing rain, sleet, and/or snow falls on Austin about once every two to three years. Austinites know that when it snows, it’s not likely to be a lot: since 2010, snowfall has only exceeded one inch one time.

The annual snowfall average is ~0.2 inches in ATX, making Austin pretty snow sparse compared to some other Texas cities, like:

  • Lubbock: 7 inches
  • Dallas: 1.7 inches
  • Waco: 0.7 inches

However, Austinites do still get more snow than other nearby towns. Houston, Killeen, and New Braunfels get so little snow, the cities report an annual snowfall of zero inches.

A graph showing historic snowfall by the amount of inches of snow that fell

February 2021 brought the fourth-highest snowfall in Austin history.

Graphic by ATXtoday

Historic snow in Austin

Historically, there have been only five recorded snow storms that have dumped 6+ inches of snow in ATX: 1937, 1944, 1949, 1966, and (of course) 2021.

Austin’s most substantial snowfall in history happened in 1937, when a storm in November dropped 11 inches over the city.

This sounds like a lot — and it is — but it’s nowhere near record snowfall in Texas’ other major cities:

Let’s not forget the largest snowfall in Texas history. In 1929, a smashing 26 inches fell on Hillsboro, just short of two hours’ drive north of Austin.

Looking forward

We appear to have made it through one arctic cold front, Austin, but brace yourselves: another is on the way. Expect temperatures to drop again Thursday night, with highs anticipated to hover in the 40s all weekend.

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