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All about Zilker Park’s mini-train, the Zilker Eagle

The train has been out of commission since 2019 and delayed re-opening for nearly four years, but the Zilker Eagle could come back this year

The Zilker Eagle in a vintage, black and white photo with a visible skyline.

Just take a look at that vintage skyline.

Photo by E.P. Haddon via The Portal to Texas History, crediting Austin History Center and Austin Public Library.

The Zilker Eagle is still off the rails... for now.

Zilker Park’s mini-train, which is temporarily out of commission, has been a beloved part of the park for 60 years — and we’ve got a one-track mind to tell you about it.

The Zilker Eagle took its maiden voyage on April 22, 1961 and ran until 1996, when the train came back under new management as the Zilker Zephyr.

A photo of the Zilker Zephyr driving with a caboose full of children and their parents.

The Zilker Zephyr was the last train to run on the tracks at Zilker Park.

The Zephyr ran from 1997-2019 when track erosion caused the train to shut down and the relationship between the city and the train’s operating company came to an end.

The train is coming back again as the Zilker Eagle, but the Austin Parks Foundation doesn’t expect the new train to be back in operation until at least fall this year. The train’s progress has been delayed a few times — most recently due to braking issues.