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The world’s first 3D-printed neighborhood is taking reservations

Homes in the Wolf Ranch by Lennar neighborhood will be ready for move-in by this fall.

An overhead view of 3D-printed walls waiting for a roof.

Homes will be slowly released over time as they are completed after the initial drawing.

Photo courtesy of ICON

Home sweet 3D-printed home.

Austin-based 3D-printing construction company ICON is gearing up to move people into The Genesis Collection, the first 3D-printed neighborhood in the world, and you could be one of the first residents.

The neighborhood is made up of 100 homes built in partnership with Lennar and Bjarke Ingels Group. Located in Georgetown, the Wolf Ranch subdivision is currently under construction and will have move-in ready homes around August-September.

Why Georgetown? ICON’s director of project operations Conner Jenkins said it was the right size at the right time.

A ground-level view of the patented LavaCrete walls, which are grey and have slight ridges.

ICON’s LavaCrete walls are about 3.5 times more resistant to the elements than typical walls.

Photo courtesy of ICON

“We think our technology like really does well at scale, so we’re building in Georgetown with Lennar because this opportunity offered an open runway to build a number of homes,” Jenkins told ATXtoday. “We certainly have the capability to perform infill (housing), which is certainly needed, but we also recognize that the efficiency gained in our process is at scale.”

The neighborhood offers eight different floor plans and 24 different elevations, each with solar panels, standing seam metal roofs, and spacious floor plans. Prices start around $475,000.

But don’t get your wallet out just yet. Demand for these homes is extremely high, so prospective homebuyers will need to register for a drawing and put down a $25,000 deposit to secure the sale if they are picked.

A gif of the Vulcan printer laying down a layer of lavacrete.

Don’t be fooled, this video is sped up to twice the Vulcan Printer’s actual speed. But it’s still pretty fast, trust us.

Gif by ATXtoday

“The innovation that we’re trying to bring to the industry is increased supply without sacrificing quality of the homes,” Jenkins said. “The demand for this project in particular has been mind-blowing. We’re really excited to carry that excitement and energy over into our next developments in next neighborhoods.”

Lennar will release six homes initially, interested parties should register for the home they want Monday, June 5-Friday, June 9, and sales will begin on Saturday, June 10.