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How does Austin rank on roadway safety?

Austin’s portion of I-35 is one of the most dangerous roadways in the state.

Someone rides their bicycle across the Butterfly Bridge near the Central Library.

Don’t forget to put on your seat belt when you hit the roads, no matter the city.

Photo by ATXtoday

Drive safe out there, because Austin roadways are among some of the most dangerous in Texas.

Austin’s portion of I-35 is the second-most dangerous roadway in Texas, representing 1.5% of deadly crashes from 2016-2020, according to a recent ValuePenguin study. Across the state, one third of pedestrian deaths occurred on an interstate or U.S. highway, and I-35 as a whole was the most dangerous road with 198 — or 6.2% — fatalities.

But it’s not all bad. Austin roads ranked No. 13 most dangerous overall, with 1.62 accidents per 10,000 people. Congress Avenue and Riverside Drive marked Austin’s most dangerous local streets.

However, San Antonio is home to four of the top five most dangerous local streets, so keep your eyes on the road when heading southbound on I-35. View the full report.