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From LA to ATX: Here’s where all those new Austinites are moving from

The Austin skyline

One out of every ten people moving to Texas are from California, reports say. | Photo via @christopher_linkenbach

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If you live in Austin, you’ve probably heard the joke that someday, there will be more non-Texans living in the area than there will be Texans.

Well, that joke isn’t quite true — yet, but Texas’ population did increase by 4 million in the last decade.

And where’s one of the biggest hot spots in the state for new residents? You guessed it — it’s Austin. Here’s where all these new ATX newcomers are moving from. 👇

There are a lot of Californians moving to Austin. ☀️

One out every ten people who moved to Texas in 2020 were from California, according to a recent report from the Texas Real Estate Research Center at Texas A&M University.

Here’s what else the report found:

  • The majority of that influx is coming from southern California. (Think Los Angeles, not Silicon Valley.)
  • The other states that accounted for the highest number of new Texans were Florida, Colorado, Illinois, and Louisiana.
A map of the US displaying counties where large numbers of residents are moving to Texas.

Los Angeles County led the country in residents moving to Texas. | Photo via Texas Real Estate Research Center

What does that mean for Travis County? 🤘

Austin may be one of the biggest “boomtowns” in the country, but Travis County only ranked fourth-highest for population increases in the state, accounting for 7% of incoming Texans compared to Harris County’s 11%.

International homebuyers are also moving to Austin 🏘

Foreign-born homebuyers also spent $634 million in the Austin area between April 2020 and March 2021, according to this report from the Austin Board of Realtors.

Additional report findings:

  • Foreign-born buyers are spending more money on homes in Austin than Austinites are. The median cost of homes among foreign-born buyers was $428Kmore than $100K higher than the average.
  • Most international homebuyers moved from Mexico, followed by China, Canada, India, and Armenia.

Are you new to Austin? Email us and let us know where you moved from + what you like about the Bat City.