Tips for dealing with branches broken by the winter storm

First thing’s first, stay away from downed power lines.

A couple and a dog standing next to a downed branch on the street.

Stay away from branches near downed power lines, as they may be energized.

So the winter storm knocked some branches down on your property. Now what?

More than 110 utility crews from Austin Energy and neighboring companies are working to get electricity back up and running. Until then, here are some tips for dealing with debris.

Stay away from downed power lines.
Austin Energy warns downed lines might be energized and dangerous. Wait for professionals to clear away debris near power lines.

Check your insurance policy if you have damage
Unfortunately, most car insurance policies don’t account for natural damages, barring special circumstances. However, here are some tips for filing a claim on your home.

Don’t trim your trees — yet
An invasive, sap-eating beetle is on the loose. Wait until after July 1 to clear your canopy.

What should I do with the fallen branches?
Austin Resource Recovery requests that residents cut up large storm debris and leave it on the curb for collection.

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