Where to go square dancing in Austin, TX

Get ready to swing your partner round and round.

The front of the Broken Spoke

Test out your square dancing moves at one of Austin’s most famous honky tonks.

Photo by @sunshine.standards

September is National Square Dance Month, and in a state like Texas, we felt we ought to commemorate the occasion.

Although something about square dancing feels uniquely southern, the practice actually originates from the English Morris Dance and the French quadrille. Even so, it’s a common pastime in a honky tonk town like Austin, and it’s even considered the state dance of Texas.

Are you looking to learn your steps? The Austin Square and Round Dance Association is hosting multiple square dancing workshops this fall across Central Texas. Find a list of lessons here — classes are open to families, couples, and solo dancers.

Once you’ve got your moves down, it’s time to show them off. Shine your belt buckle and dust your boots off before heading to these Austin honky tonks:

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