Driskill Hotel in Austin named most haunted place in Texas

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The Driskill’s hallways are said to be haunted by ghosts | Photo by @theparanormalprincess_

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We don’t know if we should be scared or concerned. Austin has earned a new title: Home of the most haunted spot in Texas.

The Driskill Hotel — which has been around since the 1800s — is ranked the most haunted place in the entire Lone Star State, according to a recent Yelp top 20 list. The downtown hotel turned out to be the creepiest spot after employees of the online directory combed through reviews based about the hotel.

What makes this place so scary? There are three terrifying tales that haunt this historic hotel.

💔 Room 525

There are several stories involving two rejected brides who both stayed in + died in room 525 after experiencing heartbreak from their fiancés. Guests have even reported seeing the brides roam the hotel’s hallway.

🧸 The Senator’s Daughter

Legend has it that a young girl died after falling down the hotel’s massive staircase. Supposedly, there have been reports of guests hearing her play on the steps.

🎸 Annie Lennox’s Closet

This story involves a 19th century loverboy cowboy Col. Jesse Driskill —the founder of the hotel — who seems to have a particular interest in female musicians, including Scottish singer Annie Lennox. It’s been said that guests can even smell his cigar smoke throughout the smoke-free hotel.

Apparently, The Driskill Bar is pretty spooky, too. It came in as the No. 2 most haunted spot in Texas. Tap this button to explore the other hauntingly interesting places around the state that made the list. 😱

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