Martha Stewart partners with Austin-based Tito’s Vodka on “DIY January” campaign

The queen of DIYs has tips and tricks for using your leftover vodka around the house.

Martha Stewart pouring a bottle of Tito's into a vase of fresh-cut flowers

According to Martha Stewart, Tito’s can be used for everything from preserving flowers to deodorizing shoes.

Photo provided by Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Business mogul and crafter extraordinaire Martha Stewart is the queen of unexpected collaborations. First there was Snoop Dogg, then there was Frito Layand now, there’s Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

Just in time for Dry January, the Austin-based brand launched a new tongue-in-cheek campaign with the lifestyle expert, revamping the popular month-long event as “DIY January.”

The challenge is simple: find ways to use that leftover Tito’s around the house without imbibing it (even if Martha herself takes a couple of sneaky sips in the promo video).

Some of Martha’s tips for using Tito’s include:

  • Deodorizing shoes
  • Cleaning mirrors and windows
  • Preserving flowers
  • De-icing windshields

To coincide with the campaign, the brand is selling a limited edition DIY kit with three attachments that screw onto a Tito’s bottle. Net proceeds from the kits — which sold out a matter of hours after the campaign’s launch — will benefit nonprofits chosen by the purchasers.

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