How to protect your dogs outside this summer

Before you and your furry friend hit the great outdoors, read up on these tips on how to keep your pupper safe.

Two black-and-white dogs catching treats in their mouths at sunset.

With so many pet-friendly spots in Austin, it’s difficult not to take them everywhere.

Those 100º summer days are just around the bend, and with them comes your annual pet safety reminder.

Keep these tips in mind before you and your four-legged friends get outdoors.

  • When walking outdoors, check the pavement temperature. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for their paws.
  • Pack water for yourself and your pets when going on a walk.
  • Keep an eye out for unusual behavior like lethargy or excessive panting that could signal overheating.
  • Check algae status before allowing pets to swim — blue-green algae often found in Lady Bird Lake is toxic to dogs and people. View symptoms.
  • Never allow pets to drink from natural bodies of water.
  • Do not allow your pet to enter a body of water that is stagnant, has debris present, or if there has been rain within three days.

Don’t forget to check out our list of dog-friendly spots, and have fun.

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