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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage with sweets

Tamalitoz are a new take on traditional Mexican chamoy candy

ATX Tamalitoz.jpg

Declan (the numbers guy) and Jack (the candy guy) have been married for about a decade.

Photo via Tamalitoz

Jack Bessudo is celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month in the sweetest way.

Celebrating pride in his Mexican heritage and love of candy at the same time, Jack and his husband Declan Simmons created Tamalitoz, an Austin-based take on traditional chili-covered sweets.

The treats — which wrap sweet candy over a chili powder pillow — were named after a customer who said they looked like “tiny candy tamales,” or “tamalitos” in Spanish.

Looking to expand to the U.S., Tamalitoz moved its candy operations from Mexico City stateside to share the sweetness with Austinites. However, the candies are still produced in Tijuana.

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated annually from Sept. 15-Oct. 15, but more than a dozen flavors of Tamalitoz are available year-round at your neighborhood H-E-B, Royal Blue Grocery, and Big Top Candy Shop.