What Google search trends say about Austin

Let’s dig into what Austinites had on the brain in 2022.

A close-up image of a great eared nightjar

Do you know why great eared nightjars captured Austinites’ attention this year? Let us in on the secret.

Flickr image, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What can search trends say about our fair city? Apparently, a lot.

Google’s recently released Year in Search for the Austin area unveils what Austinites had on the brain in 2022. Here’s what we think the results say about us:

We’re a civic-minded bunch: The Capital City led the nation in searches for “voting near me.”

We take pride in our vehicles: Austin was also one of just three metros in the country to have “car detailing” as a top trending “near me” search.

We’re really into cool-looking birds: The most-searched animal in ATX was the great eared nightjar, a feline-looking bird from southeast Asia.

We don’t just listen to country down here: Rap music took the lead for Austinites’ most-searched music genre.

Tex-Mex holds a place in our hearts: “Chicken fajita marinade” recipes took the city by storm in 2022.

Curious what else locals searched for this year? Check out the full report.

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