New York-based artist opens “absurd” mini residency in East Austin gallery

Artist Patrick Quinn’s residency — called “Lightning is an Angry Rainbow” — is now open as McLennon Pen Co. Gallery’s first Artist-in-Residence

A painting of a cat coming out of a toothpaste tube.

“Call the Cops” is on sale for $3,500.

Photo by ATXtoday

Meme culture meets fine art at the newest East Austin art showing.

The subjects in “Lightning is an Angry Rainbow” — think cats coming out of toothpaste tubes or slugs on plates of flan— focus on “nothing cryptic, or literal, just something obvious.”

The mini-gallery, made by Brooklyn, New York-based airbrush artist Patrick Quinn, is McLennon Pen Co. Gallery’s first Artist-in-Residence. You may have seen Quinn’s work with Bad Bunny for Rolling Stone.

The exhibit and opens this Saturday, Sept. 9 through Saturday, Oct. 14 for viewing by appointment.

Attention art collectors: the nine paintings on display are available for sale, ranging from $2,750-$8,000 in asking price.

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