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Readers’ memories of the Frank Erwin Center

We’re saying goodbye to the Frank Erwin Center — which will be gone by fall — with memories of the venue submitted by readers like you.

A basketball hoop on the ground in front of a metallic shell of the Frank Erwin Center.

It’s time to say goodbye — the Frank Erwin Center will be gone by the fall.

Photo by ATXtoday

As Austinites get ready to bid the Frank Erwin Center farewell, we were surprised to learn only 3% of readers said they had never visited the Frank Erwin Center in our poll.

We asked you — our readers — to share some of the memories you made while the venue stood. Here’s what you said.

Aside from thousands of graduation events and basketball games, the center was home to a lot of first concerts. Meredith said she saw Hannah Montana there, while Leslie said she saw The Backstreet Boys in fifth grade.

Larry’s first event there was the Harlem Globe Trotters in 1977 — the year the Frank Erwin Center opened. Casey said he saw Ozzy Osbourne play with Metallica, White Snake, and ZZ Top.

Tristen said she met Taylor Swift at the Frank Erwin Center, and Isaac saw Rush for his first concert.

Suffice to say, the Frank Erwin Center will not be forgotten.