Austin-themed table topics for the holiday season

Sick of rotating through conversations about politics, religion, and your relationship status? Introduce these niche and interesting topics at your next holiday meal.

An overhead view of a Thanksgiving table spread.

Don’t let the conversation get you down — use one of these topics and the rest is gravy.

Photo by Askar Abayev

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Dreading the debates and cringe questions that tend to take over holiday meals? Consider employing one of these four table topicsthey may just lead to your favorite conversation yet.

🍽 Which was the best year for ACL Festival vibes?

Anyone that has attended ACL Fest since its inception in 2002 has opinions about the which year had the best vibes. Get specific with it — food selection, vendors, weather, freebies, the crowd, and obviously the lineup are up for debate.

🍽 Debate over the best (or worst) Thanksgiving side dish

Get ready to start viewing your friends and family very differently, as this question may stir up the most heated debate of the day. This list says creamed corn is the most popular side dish in Texas — do you agree?

🍽 Best Austin holiday tradition

Take a walk down memory lane and reminisce on events such as Austin’s Trail of Lights, holiday bazaars, 2nd Street District Stroll, caroling, and more. You might leave dinner with new holiday plans.

🍽 If you could visit any of Austin’s sister cities, which would it be?

Austin has a baker’s dozen of sister cities, including Angers, France; Lima, Peru; Saltillo, Mexico; and Oita, Japan. This could inspire family travel plans, or even better, plane ticket gift ideas.

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