Austin named the most polite city in the US

Well, shucks, y’all.

A close-up photo of the "I love you so much" mural outside of Jo's Coffee.

When our most famous mural is this sweet, you know Austin’s a friendly town.

Photo by ATXtoday

Austin is the most polite city in the US, according to a new report from Preply, an e-learning platform.

The study asked residents’ opinions on how often people in their city exhibit rude behavior, such as being absorbed by phones in public or not acknowledging strangers, to build their rudeness ranking.

The rudest cities in the US were Philadelphia, Memphis, and New York City. Houston was also included in the report’s list of most-rude cities at No. 10.

However, Texas also accounted for a whopping five of the study’s 15 most polite cities:

  • No. 3: Fort Worth
  • No. 13: El Paso
  • No. 14: San Antonio
  • No. 15: Dallas

How’s that for Southern charm?

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