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A very South Congress time lapse

Careful, looking at these transformations too quickly could make your head spin.

A slideshow of the same part of the strip from South Congress from 2007-2022.

South Congress has transformed in the last decade.

Images via Google Maps, Gif by ATXtoday

It’s no secret that Austin is always changing, but looking at old photos of South Congress Ave. is a blast from the past.

Inspired by a 2009-2022 time lapse of Rainey Street from TikTok account @itsallchanging, we wanted to show you some of the changes tourism district South Congress has been through.

A time lapse of the corner of Music Lane from 2007-2022.

Music Lane has been in the works since 2017.

Images via Google Maps, Gif by ATXtoday

Google Maps street view began in November 2007, right in the middle of South Congress’ transformation. Prior to then, South Congress was shifting from its reputation as a pseudo-red-light district to a burgeoning entertainment district while Liz Lambert revamped the Hotel San José.

In 2007, South Congress was just beginning its tourism spike and vestiges from the old South Congress still remained. There was no Music Lane development — that wouldn’t break ground until 2017. We made you a street view compilation that will give you all the nostalgia.

South Congress 2007-2022

What’s your favorite establishment — past or present — on South Congress? Let us know.

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