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5 days, 5 meals: ultra-fresh food to celebrate spring

Nothing tastes as fresh as spring feels — or does it?

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Three plates of brightly colored food

The more colors, the better.

Photo by ZIKI Kitchen

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Rejoice, Austin — the first day of spring is just a week away, and we’re already dreaming of the fresh food that warmer weather brings. Late March and early April means that cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, bok choy, butternut squash + more tasty fruits and veggies are finally back in season.

And in Austin, no one knows that better than ZIKI, a sustainable Greek-Mex fusion kitchen that focuses on creating beautiful food using the purest ingredients available. Think: less seed and vegetable, soy, palm, and artificial preservatives, and more grass-fed butter, organic veggies from local farms, raw, unfiltered honey + other flavorful ingredients.

To kick off the season of fresh food, we asked ZIKI to share five of their go-to menu items, each of which support unique dietary needs + personal preferences.

An exterior shot of a bright pink ghost kitchen.

No matter where it’s located, every ZIKI Kitchen is full of goodness.

Photo by ZIKI Kitchen

Heart-healthy: Gyro Bowl

Just a few ingredients in this grain bowl that support heart function and lower blood pressure: lean ground beef, crispy chickpeas, and cilantro-cabbage slaw.

Allergy-supportive: The YiaYia Smoothie

With just five simple, whole ingredients (banana, avocado, raw and unfiltered honey, and cinnamon), this smoothie is healthy + wholesome. Did you know?, Raw honey from local bees may help alleviate seasonal allergies.

Seed oil-free: Smashburger and Greek fries

If you’re looking to cut out seed oils completely — you’re in luck, because you won’t find any at ZIKI. So take your pick from the menu, but we think their smashburger (featuring drool-worthy sweet fig spread) with Greek fries looks especially tasty.

Vegetarian-friendly: Falafel veggie salad

With arugula, avocado jalapeño ZIKI sauce, tons of veggies, and plenty of protein from the falafel, beet hummus, and chickpeas, this salad punches way above its weight.

Gluten-free: ZIKI Bites

Vegetarian and gluten-free, to be exact. ZIKI Bites include three crispy spanakopita bites filled with feta, secret cheeses, and spinach.

Sounds tasty, right? There’s a lot more where that came from. And because everything ZIKI serves is made with the most pure, natural, and earthy ingredients, you can eat fresh, delicious, and guilt-free.*

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