Which locals should be on your playlist, according to ATX musician Foxtales

Frontman Jonathan Fox says he’s “just a kid playing” when he’s onstage.

A photo of Jonathan Fox sitting n the floor with a green shirt on.

Jonathan Fox said he first started dabbling with punk rock in middle school.

Photo courtesy of @foxtalesmusic

Foxtales is preparing to make 2023 its year, just you wait. But don’t worry, the local band is sharing the love.

Coming off the band’s new EP release and second consecutive Free Week performance, frontman Jonathan Fox has hit the ground running in the new year. Although Jonathan has played guitar since he was 10, been in many bands, and minored in music recording at the University of Texas at Austin, he said he didn’t find his niche until 2019.

The five-piece outfit started in Jonathan’s bedroom after a difficult break-up, which led him to put down the acoustic guitar and pick up the synthesizer.

“It’s down-to-earth indie-pop out of Austin,” Jonathan told ATXtoday. “We pull on chill wave, hip-hop, and synth pop influences a lot, but I want to keep and try to keep the freedom of say genreless music going.”

Jonathan has big hopes ahead — go on tour, headline more shows, and land an ACL set, to name a few — but he wants to share the good vibes by recommending some of his favorite local musicians.

A photo of Jonathan Fox performing during Free Week.

You can see Foxtales perform live on Thursday, Jan. 26 at Hotel Vegas.

Photo courtesy of @foxtalesmusic

“Every time I write, I’m just a kid playing,” Jonathan told ATXtoday. “We get really high hopes and dreams and trying to strive to make them is really hard work, but you get these little payoffs that remind you that it’s worth it.”

Check out Jonathan’s top 10:

Chucky Blk


  • This poppy band met each other through Craigslist, and the rest is kismet. Listen to “Heartbeat.”

Flora & Fawna

  • This ethereal pop-rock group is characterized by powerful lyrics and beats that get you out of your seat. Try listening to “Long Shot.”

Holy Wire

  • This vintage artist puts on a 1980s persona, complete with electric beats and synthesized vocals. We recommend “Oh You Pretty Girls.”

The Irons

  • Relax with folky guitar riffs from this indie rock band. Our favorite is their smash-hit “Goodbye Too Soon,” featuring fellow local Clarence James.

Kiki Machine

  • Start with this girl group’s newest single, “Sakura.”

Mike Melinoe

  • This Austin rapper has put everything on the line for his music, even experiencing homelessness for a brief period in pursuit of the craft. We like the song “Affection.”


  • This four-piece soft rock group mixes genres, adding in country and surf sounds. Listen to “Pastel Lies.”

San Gabriel

  • This artist’s dreamy tunes keep you on your toes, while maintaining a sparkling cohesiveness. We like the song “Tape Machine.”

TC Superstar

  • This wildly popular bedroom pop group introduces 1970s and ‘80s references. Try listening to “Into You,” first.

You can see Foxtales live at 10 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 26 at Hotel Vegas, or follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date on upcoming shows.

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