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3 game-changing benefits of cannabis edibles + flower

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A group of friends sit on a picnic mat enjoying Best Buds products together.

Best Buds Premium Cannabis prides itself on cultivating a community based around educated cannabis consumption.

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Looking to try CBD or legal THC products but not sure where to begin? We’re breaking down the benefits these products can provide with help from the experts at Best Buds Premium Cannabis. Here’s the 4-1-1:

Better sleep
Research suggests that cannabis products can help reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Improved workouts
Consuming cannabis before a workout can keep you calm so you can focus on breathing and control your movements accurately. After a workout, it helps speed up recovery by reducing muscle inflammation + swelling.

Boosts mood
Studies also show that cannabis may help improve mood.

Best Buds offers a variety of legal hemp products, including hemp flower cultivated right here in Austin.

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†Please note: Legalities in your state may vary. Best Buds Premium Cannabis advises consumers to read the company’s terms and conditions, consult a physician before trying products, start only with small amounts, and to not consume products before driving or before a drug test. The information about providers and services contained in this newsletter does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by ATXtoday.

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