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Rebel Rabbit, the first federally legal cannabis seltzer, is celebrating two years of business

Is it a coincidence that they celebrate on 4/20? We’ll let you decide.

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A frothy can of seltzer being opened.

Crack open a good time.

Photo by Rebel Rabbit

A relaxing, tasty sipping experience with none of the hangover? We’re in. This spring, we’re sipping on Rebel Rabbit’s cannabis-infused seltzer.

Founded in 2021 in Greenville, SC (hey, GVLtoday), Rebel Rabbit’s mission is to create products that lead to a more balanced life. Their all-natural, high-quality seltzer is designed for anyone looking to cut back on alcohol (and all its negative effects) while still maintaining that elevated experience you get from sipping on an exquisitely crafted drink.

So, what’s on the menu? Rebel Rabbit’s seltzers are available in:

  • Varying concentrations: Wild Hare (10 mg) and Mild Hare (5 mg)
  • Fun flavors: Grapefruit, Mandarin Orange, and Lemon Lime

Bonus: Shop online or find Rebel Rabbit locally at Reliv Organix (11410 Menchaca Rd.). We can’t think of a better way to celebrate 4/20.*


Please note: Rebel Rabbit advises consumers to read the company’s terms & conditions, consult a physician before trying products, start only with small amounts, and to not consume Delta-8 or Delta-9 before driving or before a drug test. The information about providers and services contained in this newsletter does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by ATXtoday.

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