Non-white Austinites and certain districts face more housing shortages, report finds

A new report from the Austin Board of Realtors breaks down how housing shortages disproportionately affect certain Austinites.

The Austin skyline, as seen from Lady Bird Lake

The Austin Board of Realtors found non-white Austinites have access to less affordable housing than white Austinites.

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Housing shortages affect certain Austinites more than others, according to a new report from the Austin Board of Realtors.

The report, which was released yesterday, found that undersupplied housing in certain City Council districts and among non-white residents. Here are three takeaways from the research, which analyzed affordability for four-person households:

  • All minority groups face lower housing affordability than white households in Austin. Black/African American households face the sharpest shortage, followed closely by Hispanic/Latino households.
  • City Council District 4 — which stretches from 51st St. to West Braker Lane along I-35 — has the greatest proportional for new housing, with an estimated shortage of ~32,000 homes.
  • City Council District 10 — which encompasses much of West Austin, north of the lake — has the lowest proportional need for new housing.

Read the full report, including ABOR’s six recommendations for local policymakers to improve affordability, online here.

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