Recapping ATXtoday’s Drink Up Month

In July, we told you all about the local beverage industry. Here’s what we celebrated during Drink Up Month.

Two clear and blue drinks on the counter at Estelle's.

The Bluebonnet will only be offered for a limited time in celebration of Drink Up Month.

Photo by ATXtoday

It’s been real, Austin.

Today is the last day of Drink Up Month, so we’re looking back on some of the content and partnerships we’ve enjoyed this July.

This month, we told you about:

    In addition to bringing you stories about the local beverage industry, we also partnered with local businesses to bring you specialty drinks and discounts, including:

    Drink Up Month may be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop celebrating local beverages any time soon. Click here to tell us what we missed, or let us know how you liked our coverage.

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