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Here’s why Austin celebrates Pride month in June and August

Austinites are lucky to have two Pride months each year — but have you ever wondered why?

A group of people participating in a Pride parade walking around with banners, balloons, and flags in downtown Austin

Austinites get to celebrate Pride month twice a year.

Photo by siyan li on Unsplash

It’s Pride month in Austin — well, sort of.

The month-long celebration of LGBTQ+ communities is held nationally in June to commemorate the Stonewall uprising, which took place in New York City in June 1969.

But Austin (lucky for us) celebrates pride twice a year: once in June with the rest of the country, and again in August.

The Austin Pride Foundation hosts Austin’s primary Pride parade in August for several reasons:

  • There’s less competition with other festivals, meaning more people and performers can attend.
  • University students come back into town, and they play a major role in running the festival. Of the fest’s ~400 volunteers, as many as 95% are college students.
  • There are lower chances of rain in August.

So if you’re sad June is almost over, don’t be. We’ll celebrate all over again in just a few months.