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The many eras of Austin-based artist Primo the Alien

The local synth-pop musician is going “scorched Earth” on her old personas

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Primo the Alien’s newest EP, “We All Hate Ourselves Sometimes,” will drop over the course of the next month.

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“We All Hate Ourselves Sometimes,” and Austin-based musician Primo the Alien is no exception.

The “time-traveling popstar,” ACL Fest alumna, and inaugural performer on the world’s first-ever 3D-printed stage will drop her newest single, “More Love,” this Friday, May 19. Her new EP, “We All Hate Ourselves Sometimes,” will drop in September.

With production for her first full-length album on the horizon, Primo — who requested to go by her stage name — sat down with ATXtoday to talk about where her new music took her.

Recorded in her small town Texas childhood bedroom and produced in her home studio, the four-song EP is meant to create a balance between nostalgia and living in the moment.

“Each song is a different aspect of this sort of push and pull between hopelessness and hope,” Primo told ATXtoday. “There’s a journey from starting with how we feel like we’re alone but ... that it’s all of us, we’re alone together.”

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Singles will drop periodically until the EP is fully released.

Photo via Juice Consulting

The EP touches on the roller coaster of emotions of a lifetime on Earth. With a collection of the “most raw” songs she has ever created, Primo said the EP is a departure from the shackles of her own limitations.

“I used to be just a little songwriter with a guitar,” Primo said. “I did this, I think in an effort to reinvent myself, change the trajectory, and flip the expectations. That doesn’t mean though, that that other part of me doesn’t still exist.”

Primo said she hopes her new work resonates with listeners will take to the studio again in July to begin production of her first full-length album.

“It’ll be a return to my ultra pop stuff, but in a different way with a little edge,” Primo said. “I’m just going full on scorched earth on this one, and I’m excited.”

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