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An Austinite’s guide to luck on Friday the 13th

Our readers shared the things Austinites should — and definitely shouldn’t — do for the best luck outcomes on Friday the 13th.

Rocks in the foreground, framing water in the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Behind the water, you can see a hill rising.

Leaving trash in the Barton Creek Greenbelt would definitely bring some bad luck to an Austinite.

Today is Friday the 13th, and thanks to a few helpful tips from our readers, we have the tips you need to make it extra lucky.

Take notes — here’s our collaborative guide for navigating good and bad luck in Austin.

What would bring an Austinite bad luck?

  • “Leaving trash in green spaces (parks, greenbelts, the lake). Extra bad luck for those who leave unconsumed food in dog parks where dogs can potentially eat it and get sick.”
  • “Drive aggressively in Austin’s infamous traffic.”
  • “Poison Treaty Oak!”

What about good luck?