What would give someone bad luck in Austin?

Forget breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder — what sorts of actions would bring an Austinite misfortune?

The Austin skyline, as seen at nighttime

Friday the 13th is approaching — how do you keep the good luck flowing?

Knock on wood — if the idea of Friday the 13th makes you a little uneasy, now may be a good time to stock up on good luck protections like four-leaf clovers and salt.

The second Friday the 13th of 2023 is next week. While the occasion happens every ~212 days, this one feels particularly ominous since it falls during the haunting month of October.

Superstitious folks all know that walking under ladders — which supposedly stems from Ancient Egyptian beliefs — and breaking mirrors (a Grecian concern) cause misfortune, but what Austin-specific actions would bring about bad luck to locals?

Neglecting to share sunscreen at Barton Springs Pool? Blocking the box on Cesar Chavez Street?

Alternatively, what could an Austinite do to restore good luck into their lives: Reference the Armadillo World Headquarters in conversation? Correctly pronounce Mount Bonnell three times?

Let us know your thoughts and we’ll share our collaborative guide for navigating local superstitions on Friday the 13th. You know, just in case.

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