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The numbers behind ACL’s economic impact

Last year’s festival brought in $448 million in economic impact for the city.

Hundreds of people gather around the Ladybird stage in Zilker Park at dusk.

Last year, ACL brought 23 local voices to the stage.

Photo by Roger Ho

A weekend Austin City Limits Music Festival wristband: $355. The economic impact: priceless.

Ever since ACL started recording economic impact in 2006, the festival has generated more than $3.08 billion for the local economy. Last year’s festival alone brought in $447.9 million, including $55 million for the Austin Parks Foundation.

How did APF allocate those funds?

  • $5 million will go toward improvements at Zilker Park
  • $1.15 million will go toward improvements at Govalle Neighborhood Park
  • $400,000 will benefit the Alliance Children’s Garden
  • Funds will also be distributed among Rosewood’s Henry Madison Cabin, the Barton Creek Greenbelt, Onion Creek, the McBeth Rec Center, and more.

ACL 2020 was not included, since it was held virtually.

Graphic by ATXtoday

How does 2022 compare to previous years?

ACL has shatter previous records for economic impact each year, and 2022 is no exception. Note: 2020’s festival was not included in this analysis, because it was virtual.

  • 2021: $369 million in economic impact
  • 2019: $291 million in economic impact
  • 2018: $264.6 million in economic impact