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Watch the support structure of the Frank Erwin Center come down

Crews brought “The Drum” down without any use of explosives and the site is expected to be clear and ready for redevelopment in September.

The Frank Erwin Center mid-crash as four cranes standby.

You can practically hear the structure crashing down.

Photo courtesy of UT Austin

You won’t see the skeleton of the Frank Erwin Center anymore while driving along Interstate 35 — the supports and structure came down on the morning of Sunday, May 19, 2024.

A gif of the final structures of the Frank Erwin Center coming down, with a puff of dust as it falls.

The final demolition was done without the use of explosives — opting instead to use gravity.

Video courtesy of UT Austin

It might look like an explosion caused the demolition, but that’s not the case.

Once the building was brought down to its core structure, two beams were removed, and strategic cuts were made to the remaining supports at various angles. The final beams were tied with high-tension wire and pulled, letting gravity run its course.

There will still be activity on the site through September, however, passersby likely won’t be able to see it. Crews still need to clear debris and finish work on the underground portion.

Up next, the site will become home to a new MD Anderson Cancer Center and UT Austin Specialty University Hospital, slated to treat their first patients in 2030.