The Adderley School celebrates its 30 year anniversary

Several big-name stars are alumni of this performing arts school.

Janet Adderley in a classroom, teaching a circle of students.

Founder Janet Adderley transitioned The Adderley School into a nonprofit in 2018.

Photo by Karen Peterson

Austin isn’t just a hot spot for making films — the city also has a hand in producing the actors who star in them.

This May, the Adderley School for the performing arts is celebrating 30 years of training young actors and actresses. The school, founded by Janet Adderley, boasts a star-studded roster of alumni, including Ben Platt, Maya Erskine, and Gigi Hadid.

The school was founded in California, but Adderley — who was raised in Texas and now lives in Austin — also opened a branch in the Capital City, where she also transitioned the school into a nonprofit. The school has additional locations in California, Connecticut, and Louisiana.

The institution’s three decades of work will be celebrated by celebrities like James Corden, Kenny Loggins, and Debra Martin Chase at a fundraising event in Santa Barbara, CA next month.

Learn more about the Adderley School and its mission.

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