7 places to try açaí bowls in Austin, TX

We’ve rounded up 7 places in Austin, TX where you can try social media’s most photo-worthy dish — açaí bowls.

A SunLife acai bowl on a table outside

SunLife Organics is known for using high-quality ingredients.

Photo by @ash.cash.eats

One 2017 study valued the açaí berry market at $712 million + predicted that it will grow at a steady rate of 12.71% by 2025. Did you know this growth is partly due to an influx of vibrant purple açaí bowl pictures on Instagram?

Açaí bowls start with a thick, sorbet-like base that is typically made from açaí fruit pulp, nut milk, dates, and other fruits + topped with an infinite number of combinations like granola, nut butter, banana slices, and coconut flakes. This is different from a smoothie bowl, which may sport similar toppings but consists of different fruits and yields a more liquid-like consistency.

Are you ready to dig in? Here are seven spots in Austin for you to get your açaí + smoothie bowl fix.

Blenders and Bowls | Locations vary

  • Eat organic açai sourced directly from the Amazon in bowls that are vegan, dairy, and gluten free, and come in colorful flavors like The Magic Dragon, The Sunny, The Sesher, and The OG.

Daily Juice Cafe | 3300 Bee Cave Rd., Ste. 245

  • Choose from four basesaçai, strawberry, banana, and apple juice — and three flavors, including Nutter Butter, Chocolate Almond, or Berry Crunch Blast, all with gluten-free granola.

SunLife Organics | 1011 S. Congress Ave., Bldg. 2, Ste. 120

  • This juice bar prides itself on using the highest quality organic ingredients and offers six açai bowls — like the Brazilian, Buddha, and Samurai bowls — that come packed with healthy ingredients like raw cacao, hemp milk, paleo granola, and cashew butter.
Three acai bowls on a wooden table, as seen from directly above

Get your antioxidants in at Blenders and Bowls.

Photo by @plantmadeatxbabe

Kale Me Crazy | 8300 N. FM 620

  • This superfood cafe uses fresh, organic, and raw ingredients + boasts a regular açai bowl and a deluxe version that comes with chia, hemp seeds, goji berries, and sliced almonds.

Nékter Juice Bar | 222 West Ave.

  • Indulge yourself in these classic bowls like banana berry, mango, and the superfood bowl with fresh ingredients like unsweetened açai, housemade cashew milk, and hempseed granola.

Vitality Bowls Superfood Cafe | 1310 Cypress Creek Rd., Ste. 115, Cedar Park

  • Dive into a thick blend of organic açai or try a superfruit base of pitaya or graviola — in seven choices that are each packed with a plethora of unique ingredients such as flax seed honey, broccoli, coconut shavings, spirulina, bee pollen, and cacao nibs.

Shake Smart | 2101 Speedway + 2305 Whitis Ave.

  • Replenish your strength with three types of protein-packed bowls, including the rawçai, raw-pb, and the buzz bowl that come with chia, coconut flakes, dark chocolate, organic peanut butter, pitaya, and bee pollen.
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