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Spotting the strange, noisy fungi that became Texas’ state mushroom

Texas Star Mushrooms grow only in Texas, Oklahoma, and Japan.

An orangey Texas Star Mushroom, with five blooming petals, pokes out of the ground.

City Editor London spotted a Texas Star Mushroom in south Austin’s Garrison Park.

Photo by ATXtoday

City Editor London here. I was so excited to spot a Texas Star Mushroom on a recent walk through Garrison Park in south Austin.

The unusual and beautiful fungi became Texas’ state mushroom in 2021, making the Lone Star State one of just three to declare a state mushroom. The fascinating mushroom is quite rare, only growing in Texas, Oklahoma, and Japan.

The mushroom is most likely to be seen in late fall, when it shoots out of the ground as a closed capsule, then splits from the center to bloom into a star shape, making a hissing sound as it releases its spores.

Want to see a Texas Star Mushroom for yourself? Look for cedar elm stumps in your neighborhood or check out this month’s Talks and Walks at Zilker Botanical Garden this Saturday, Jan. 6 at 11 a.m.

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