A good walk spoiled at Lockhart State Park

This state park about 45 minutes from Austin features a swimming pool, playground, and golf course.

A yellow golf flag as seen from in between trees.

Hike next to Lockhart State Park’s public golf course.

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Today, golfers swing their clubs on a quiet, rolling patch of green insulated from the bustling noise of the nearby town. This land hasn’t always been so peaceful — it was once mere miles from a bloody battle ground.

We’re rounding out our series on local Texas State Parks with a trip back in time to the barbecue capital of Texas: Lockhart.


The land now known as Lockhart State Park was inhabited by Native Americans for centuries before white settlers moved into Central Texas.

By the mid-1800s, anti-indigenous governmental policies contributed to clashes between Texans and Comanche tribes — including the Council House Fight in 1840 — when Texas troops killed more than 30 Comanche people.

In retaliation, a band of Comanche and Kiowa raided Central Texas towns and met Texas forces on Plum Creek — just a few miles from Lockhart State Park. By the end of the battle, Comanche forces had lost significant numbers and were pushed out of the area permanently.

The state purchased ranch land in the area in 1934 and put the Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration to work building a park and golf course on the premises.

After operating as a country club for about a decade, Lockhart State Park opened to the public in 1948.

A brick building with a metal roof amid trees.

Lockhart State Park also contains multiple event spaces.

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What to see

On your drive through Lockhart, stop by the historical marker for the Battle of Plum Creek in Lions Park.

The state park itself is 263 acres, so there’s plenty to see, including several historic structures like a group hall and stone bridges.

Stone steps leading up the side of a hill with trees on the left side foreground.

We hiked the Comanche Loop and Caddy, Chisolm, and CCC trails at Lockhart State Park.

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What to do

Readers David D. and Karen S. recommended playing a round on Lockhart State Park’s historic golf course. You can reserve tee times online for fees starting at $10. Golf carts start at $11 and club rentals cost $7.

Visitors can also:

Make a reservation to visit Lockhart State Park.

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