Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons plans to open ~50 new locations in Austin

So you like coffee, eh?

A set of doughnuts and a coffee mug on a table

Tim Hortons has plans to open as many as 50 new locations in Austin.

Photo via waferboard, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Canadian coffee and doughnut chain Tim Hortons is planning to expand to the Austin area for the first time ever — in a big way.

The coffeehouse’s parent company has plans for as many as 50 Tim Hortons locations in the greater city area by 2028. Details for specific locations or timing aren’t yet available, but here are a few fast facts about the coffee chain from up north:

  • Only three people in the world know how to brew the restaurant’s signature coffees.
  • The chain was opened by former hockey player Miles “Tim” Gilbert Horton, who won four Stanley Cups with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  • Tim Horton’s is responsible for 80% of all coffee cups sold in Canada.
  • The first two Texan Tim Hortons opened in Katy and Houston in 2022.

Have you tried Tim Horton’s? Let us know what to expect.

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