Can you identify this Austin mural?

We’re quizzing you on ATX’s most famous street art.

A close-up of a mural depicting a pair of feet on a skateboard against a red background

We’ll give you a hint: this mural is downtown.

Photo by ATXtoday

So you think you know Austin murals, eh? Let’s put you to the test.

We’re launching a new series quizzing you on Austin’s most beautiful, most bold, most brilliant street art. But don’t worry, we’re starting you off with a softball.

Here are few hints to get you started on today’s clue:

  • Neighborhood: Downtown
  • Artist: Mike Johnston
  • Fun fact: You can see a piñata, taco, and cassette tape in this mural meant to depict the story of ATX

Think you’ve got it figured out? Send us the answer.

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