California-based Sushi Roku opens in Austin this week

The sixth iteration of the coastal sushi chain, Sushi Roku will serve upscale Japanese food along with rolls that are exclusive to Austin.

A spread of sashimi dishes from above on a dark wooden table, surrounded by cocktails, beer, a glass of wine, dishes of soy sauce and plates with chopsticks on top.

The menu centers around izakaya-style pubs, which roughly translates to “stay-drink-place,” which are places to settle in, get comfortable, and enjoy time with friends.

Photo by Richard Casteel via IDG

Rice to meet you, Sushi Roku.

The brand new sushi restaurant — located Downtown at 405 Colorado St. — officially opens to the public this Friday, Feb. 16 and will be hospitality collective Innovative Dining Group’s first foray into Texas.

Austin will have the sixth Sushi Roku location by California-based IDG, joining other locations in Los Angeles (which opened in 1997), Manhattan Beach, Orange County, Las Vegas, and Palo Alto.

Led by Executive Chef Sang Kim, former chef and owner of Leander’s Kai Sushi, Sushi Roku’s cuisine centers around izakaya-style bar food. Customers will be able to try signature bites — like the famous baked crab handroll and truffle brussels sprout chips — plus cocktails and sake for pairing.

The Waterloo Ichi roll was created with ATX in mind and features tuna, yellowtail, snow crab, mango, kiaware, chili oil, sriracha, and spring greens.

Wanna try it for yourself? Make a reservation.

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