Get custom screen printing and embroidery at Feels So Good

The South Austin shop embodies the Austin spirit with creative tees, a sizable record collection, and two stages for live music.

A close-up of a t-shirt reading "Libra" on a table with stacks of other shirts at Feels So Good.

Get artist-designed or custom T-shirts at Feels So Good in South Austin.

Photo by ATXtoday

Hi ATX, City Editor London here.

Last week, City Editor Figi and I got the chance to peek behind the scenes at Feels So Good, a T-shirt, vintage, and record store in South Austin.

Not only does this shop have some pretty cool shirts designed by 100+ different artists (I’ll be back for my next round of gift shopping), but it also offers custom screen printing and embroidery.

The shop has a team of in-house designers to produce specialty art, and offers mobile live printing services for events, where attendees can take home pieces made right in front of them.

In keeping with the Austin spirit, Feels So Good contains two stages for regular live concerts, many in connection with its record label of the same name. Next time you shop, you may just be able to order a drink at the bar and take in some local tunes.

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