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What we’re sending the SEAtoday editors after the Longhorns lost to the Huskies

UT lost the 2024 College Football Playoff Semifinal. Now, ATXtoday is paying the price in the form of goodies.


We’re giving the SEAtoday editors a taste of Texas and the spirit of Austin in a box.

Photo by ATXtoday

Sorry to bring up painful memories, but on New Year’s Day, the Longhorns lost the 2024 College Football Playoff Semifinal to the Washington Huskies.

In case you missed it, we made a bet on the game with our fellow editors at SEAtoday, and the time has come to pay up.

Here’s what’s in the box of goodies we’re sending to City Editors Gabe and Alina:

We may have lost this round, but we haven’t lost faith in the team, so keep those horns up.

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