What ATXtoday readers want to see funded by the Carbon Reduction Program

We polled you on how you’d like to see the federal funding distributed.

The Red Line pulling into the Downtown station.

Many of our readers said they’d like to see federal funding go toward public transportation.

Photo via CapMetro

We recently shared info on the Carbon Reduction Program, a distribution of $6.4 billion in formula funding over a five-year period to reduce transportation emissions nationwide.

We also asked how you’d like to see funding from the program spent in our urbanized area, should we receive program money again.

Here’s a breakdown of what you said:

  • 46.2% | Public transportation
  • 15.4% | Pedestrian-friendly roads and facilities
  • 13.5% | Fuel alternatives
  • 9.6% | Traffic management/road diet projects
  • 7.7% | Bike infrastructure
  • 1.9% | Port electrification projects

5.8% of you mentioned other projects that you’d be eager to see, like:

  • “More and better roads so that we don’t sit idle in traffic.”
  • “Added roadway lanes to reduce congestion.”

Stay tuned — fiscal year 2024 funding announcements are expected in January or February.