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13 murals around ATX

Check out our guide to the many meaningful murals you can find around our city.

A circular, fish-eye-looking mural with common ATX buildings and characters.

Can you see any landmarks?

Photo by Wally Gobetz

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We all know that Austin has a vibrant art scene — and we’re not just talking about The Blatnon Museum of Art or the Mexic-Arte Museum. One of our all-time favorite galleries? Austin itself.

ATX is home to a number of meaningful murals and pieces of street art. Today, we’re sharing where to find art that really paints a picture of our city.

Downtown Austin

Rex Hamilton painting a colorful mural of a black woman holding sunflowers.

“Be Well” is located on either side of North Lamar.

Photo by ATXtoday

Be Well, 600 N. Lamar Blvd. | By Rex Hamilton
Painted during the pandemic, “Be Well” encourages onlookers to take care of themselves. You might recognize Rex’s work from posters and tote bags for SXSW 2023.

A mural depicting a woman's face and Wonder Woman breaking chains.

The mural celebrates a century of women’s suffrage.

Photo by @updateordie

The Beauty of Liberty and Equality, 111 E. Cesar Chavez St. | By Shepard Fairey and Sandra Chevrier
Celebrating 100 years of women’s right to vote in the US, this mural is the tallest in Austin and encapsulates an entire wall of The LINE hotel.

The train tracks in front of the Austin skyline.

Art doesn’t tend to stay on the train tracks for more than a few months at a time.

Photo by ATXtoday

Viewing from Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge, 222 West Ave. | By various artists
Nothing stays on this rotating train tracks gallery for long, and many pieces go unaccredited.

A spectrum of colors in the corner of a building.

Tau Ceti was created by a Transylvania-born artist.

Photo by @bigandtoasty

Tau Ceti, 201 E. 2nd St. | By Josef Kristofoletti
Climbing 103 ft, or 10 stories high, this spectrum of colors was created in 2018.

East Austin

A mural with victims of police brutality.

The mural also depicts Mike Ramos, who lived in Austin.

Photo by Chris Rogers

If He Can’t Breathe, We Can’t Breathe, 807 E. 4th St. | By Chris Rogers
Honoring the Black Lives Matter movement, this mural depicts victims of police violence — like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Mike Ramos. A kneeling Colin Kaepernick is also pictured.

Sloke One standing in front of his own piece behind Emo's.

Even high-profile artists like Sloke One have been known to paint on the practice wall.

Photo by ATXtoday

Practice wall behind Emo’s Austin, 2015 E. Riverside Dr. | By various artists
For a true look at Austin’s ever-changing street art scene, look no further than Emo’s, which has dedicated its back wall to graffiti artists for practice use.


There are several places around the city to spot this motif.

Photo by ATXtoday

‘Til Death, 1201 E. 7th St. | By Federico Archuleta
Blink and you might miss this mural — created by prolific stencil artist Federico Archuleta — but there are plenty of iterations throughout the city to find.

South Austin

A green wall with the words "i love you so much."

This mural has been defaced and restored many times.

Photo by ATXtoday

I love you so much, 1300 S. Congress Ave. | By Amy Cook
Although not your traditional mural, this piece of work comes with a heartfelt story. The “I love you so much” mural was an impromptu love letter from musician Amy Cook to then-partner, hospitality guru Liz Lambert.

A postcard-esque

This mural has been recreated in cities all around the US, including neighboring San Marcos.

Photo by @gil.blendz

Greetings from Austin, 1720 S. 1st St. | By Todd Sanders
This iconic mural has been standing on the wall of Roadside Relics since 1998, and remains a popular photo opportunity to this day.

A striped background behind a blue Willie Nelson.

STAG owners say the mural is self-explanatory.

Willie For President, 100-130 E. Elizabeth St. | By Jacqui Oakley, Erick Montes, and Joe Swec
Located on the side wall of STAG Provisions for Men, this tongue-in-cheek mural was completed in 2016.

A mural of Mr. Rogers.

This mural was painted over a Shepard Fairey wheatpaste.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, 1421 S. Congress Ave. | By Niz
Adorning the side of More Home Slice Pizza, this mural was painted in 2014 and shows the beloved TV show host leaning over a trolley labeled the “South Austin Express.”

UT Austin

A circular, fish-eye-looking mural with common ATX buildings and characters.

Can you see any landmarks?

Photo by Wally Gobetz

Austintatious, 453 W. 23rd St. | By Kerry Awn, Tommy B., Rick Turner, and Jim Franklin
This snapshot into 1974 Austin comes with a certain nostalgia and surrounds Stephen F. Austin holding armadillos, and carries more and more detail the closer you get.

A frog with the words "Hi, How Are You" above it.

The mural is so popular, Austin even has a “Hi, How Are You” Day on Jan. 22.

Photo by @eriwinter

Jeremiah the Innocent Frog, 408 W. 21st St.| By Daniel Johnston
This well-known mural begs the question, “Hi, How Are You,” and shares a name with one of Daniel’s albums. The mural has been standing since 1993, despite many changes to the building’s owner.

Want to see these murals up close and personal? Take the Downtown Austin Alliance’s self-guided mural biking tour.

What’s your favorite mural? Send us a photo and we might include it in an upcoming newsletter.

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