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Guinness World Records held in Austin

From making sandwiches with feet to raising the oldest cat alive, Austinites are a talented bunch.


Austinites are a talented, record-breaking bunch. | Photo by Anna Tarazevich

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Does anyone else remember flipping through Guinness World Record books as a kid and thinking how cool it would be to set one? We did a little research and found out a number of Austinites have achieved that record-setting goal.

From setting a record for the “smallest test tube experiment” to the “heaviest ball of dog hair,” here are just a few of the most impressive titles claimed right here in ATX.

🥪 Fastest sandwich made using feet | Rob Williams

You know that feeling when your hands are full, but you really want to make a sandwich? We don’t — but Austinite Rob Williams must have known how that felt. In 2000, he made a bologna, cheese + lettuce sandwich (with olives on cocktail sticks) using his feet. It took him one minute + 57 seconds to make. Watch it here.

🌯 Most burritos made in three minutes | London Nichols at SXSW

It doesn’t get much more Austin than this. At SXSW 2017, Freebirds World Burrito employee London Nichols attempted to break the record of nine burritos made in three minutes — and, with 10 burritos made in the allotted time, succeeded.

💈 Most haircuts given in one hour | Ivan Zoot at Men’s Grooming Center

In 2008, Ivan Zoot at Men’s Grooming Center gave out 34 haircuts in 60 minutes, breaking the Guinness World Record for most haircuts given to men in one hour. Take a look here.

🧪 Smallest test tube experiment | UT Austin

In 2009, scientists at UT conducted an experiment using a really small test tube. How tiny are we talking? It measured the diameter of only one thousandth of a human hair.

🐶 Heaviest ball of dog hair | Texas Hearing and Service Dogs (USA)

In 2012, Texas Hearing and Service Dogs (USA) collected dog hair from 8,000+ dogs and used it to assemble a 201-pound fur ball. That’s three times the weight of an average Dalmatian.

🐱 Oldest cat | Creme Puff

Born in August 1967, Creme Puff the cat lived longer than any other house cat on record. She lived in Austin with her owner, Jake Perry, and died on August 3, 2004 — at 38 years and three days young. Perry also raised another cat, Granpa Rexs Allen, who lived to be 34 years old.

👟 Fastest half marathon while dribbling a basketball | Ben Duong + the San Antonio Spurs

Sponsored by the NBA team, Austinite Ben Duong set the new world record for running 13 miles while dribbling a basketball at the Austin Marathon on Sunday, Feb. 18, finishing the race in one hour, 21 minutes, and 38 seconds. See the moment just after crossing the finish line.

📒 Most telephone directories torn by a female in a minute | Mama Lou

Although strongwoman Mama Lou successfully ripped five 1,000-page phone books at Central Market in November 2014, that’s not her only world record. She also set the record for most apples crushed with the bicep in one minute in July of the same year, smashing 10 apples.

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