Austin joins New York, Las Vegas, and other US cities to have its own internet Web3 domain name

Locals can now launch websites under the Web3 domain name ".austin.”

A view of the Austin skyline and Lady Bird Lake on a sunny day.

Austin will join other cities — like New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and Boston — with city-specific domain names.

Photo by ATXtoday

Central Texans are now able to launch websites with the Web3 domain name “.austin,” the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce and Unstoppable Domains announced at SXSW yesterday.

The new Web3 domain name — like that little tag at the end of a url, like “.com” or “.org” — joins other cities like New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and Boston to have local-specific domain names.

The “.austin” domain is a Web3 domain. Without getting too into the nitty gritty, these are domains that live on a public blockchain, allow users additional access to data and simplify cryptocurrency transactions.

Oh, and founders say there’s one more benefit to a “.austin” domain.

“This city-centric domain allows people to own a piece of digital identity that advocates their support for our community,” said Mark Duval, GAACC president and CEO. “We aim to ensure that our members, Austin businesses, residents, and visitors have new ways to celebrate the city’s dynamism and diversity.”

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