Austin, according to an AI bot

A real image of the Texas State Capitol compared to a Craiyon drawing.

Compare the real Texas State Capitol to Craiyon’s drawing. | Images by ATXtoday and Craiyon

Have you heard of the AI bot Craiyon? The artificial intelligence project, hosted by the company Hugging Face, has skyrocketed in popularity over the last month, sketching more than 50,000 images per day.

We joined in on the fun and asked the bot to draw seven of Austin’s most iconic landmarks, plus a special guest — here’s how it did, well, according to us.

Note: This application shares nine versions of each photo, so we selected our favorite and added our score for the bot’s work.

Craiyon's Capitol drawing

Image via Craiyon

Texas State Capitol

Our grade: A-

Although Craiyon may have added a couple of new rows of windows to the capitol’s iconic dome, the bot did a pretty good job of capturing the building’s symmetry + pinkish granite.

Craiyon's Pennybacker Bridge

Image via Craiyon

Pennybacker Bridge

Our grade: D

While Craiyon certainly nailed the lush banks of Lake Austin, we think it might want to take a second look at where the bridge’s beams are meant to go.

Craiyon's Driskill

Image via Craiyon

The Driskill

Our grade: D

The historic hotel is famous for being one of the most haunted buildings in Texas — and to be honest, we’re also a bit haunted by how much of the decadent hotel lobby Craiyon decided to leave out of its drawing.

Craiyon's skyline

Image via Craiyon

The Austin skyline

Our grade: C

It looks like the new Google building Block 185 + apartment tower The Independent became one in Craiyon’s alternate-reality image of our skyline.

Craiyon's Frost Tower

Image via Craiyon

Frost Tower

Our grade: F

Craiyon, we know you’re a non-conscious AI being, but have you ever even been to Austin? This version of the iconic downtown skyscraper looks like it would be more at home in “The Chronicles of Narnia” than in sunny ATX.

Craiyon's UT Tower

Image via Craiyon

UT Tower

Our grade: B

For some reason, Craiyon decided to cut off the top of UT’s signature tower in every drawing it made of the landmark. However, the bot gets bonus points for adding a burnt orange hue to this artwork.

Craiyon's Mount Bonnell

Image via Craiyon

Mount Bonnell

Our grade: A

We had to do a double-take at this practically photo-real drawing of Mount Bonnell. Did you know the hike is considered by some to be Austin’s oldest tourist attraction?

Craiyon's Bevo

Image via Craiyon


Our grade: D-

Bevo didn’t deserve for you to do him dirty like that, Craiyon. Don’t worry buddy, we know you’re much handsomer in real life.

Think you can create a better image of an iconic Austin spot? Try your hand at Craiyon and send us your favorite creations while you’re at it.