12 interviews with Austinites who are changing the world

Who should we talk to in 2023?

Brian Batch

All hail the best-selling “Queen Beak” sandwich. | Photo provided

We’ve got questions — but luckily for us, Austinites have the answers.

In 2022, we interviewed 12+ local news-makers for our Q+A series and learned a lot about our fair city. From the inside scoop on locally produced true crime podcasts to diving into scientific efforts to resurrect endangered species, here are our favorite interviews with Ausinites from the last year.

Brian Batch | The founder of Bird Bird Biscuit, which was named the fifth-best place to eat in America last year, dishes out his secrets to becoming the “biscuit whisperer.”

Laura Davis | Davis’ dog supplies company Major Darling hires only refugee women and supports local animal shelters.

Angel Flores | The “Queer Eye” star, powerlifter, and transgender rights advocate is working to help Austinites grow stronger physically and emotionally.

Ben Lamm | Between bringing back the woolly mammoth and resurrecting the Tasmanian tiger, Lamm’s company Colossal Biosciences has big dreams for the field of biosciences.

Brent Looby | We’re explaining the 10,000-year history of sotol with the cofounder of veteran-run and Driftwood-based Desert Door Distillery.

Dave Navarro | Although not technically an Austinite, the guitarist behind Jane’s Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers offers a behind-the-scenes look at a new art series shown locally.

David Norman | Easy Tiger’s head doughpuncher looks back on 10 years of building the restaurant.

Kelley Sandidge | After two decades in business, the founder of Hip Haven reflects on her journey designing mid-century modern home goods.

Kenny Vaccaro | Vaccaro may have retired from the NFL, but he’s keeping busy running a new eSports company, clothing line, and high-end gym on South Congress.

Jackie Venson | The local, multi-talented R&B Soul artist was named a “legend in the making” by Forbes magazine.

Kate Winkler Dawson | Dawson’s podcast “Buried Bones” digs into historical cold cases.

Sarah Wolf | This fortune teller’s clients aren’t who you’d expect.

Don’t worry, we’re not done asking questions yet. We have some exciting new interviews already in the pipeline for 2023.

Is there a local trendsetter you want us to interview? Send us your Q+A wishlist at hello@theatxtoday.com.

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