World’s largest shovel in Creedmoor, TX

world's largest shovel
We think we’re going to need a bigger yard for this 5,000-pound shovel. | Photo by ATXtoday team

We all know everything is bigger in Texas. Did you know there’s a Texas-sized shovel in Creedmoor (~15 miles south of Austin) to prove it?

This “World’s Largest Garden Spade,” as Guinness World Records describes it, is 40 ft tall and 7 ft wide. It’s kind of a large, hidden gem of sorts. Here’s how the 5,000-pound yard tool made its way to the Austin area…

Not to be confused with the “World’s Largest Electric Shovel” — aka “Big Brutus” — in Kansas, this non-electric giant tool lives at Garden-Ville off of FM 1327, on the same property as the Texas Disposal Systems Landfill

Before planting roots in the Austin area in 2014, the shovel was briefly in San Antonio, so that locals there could see the humongous shovel in person.

Chris Anderson — a welder and artist who created the shovel — designed the tool using all recycled materials. The handle of the shovel is even made out of a telephone pole from Texas Disposal Systems.

Next time you find yourself in the Creedmore area, make time to visit this enormous roadside attraction. Don’t forget to post your pictures using #ATXtoday for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page.

Keep Austin weird, y’all.