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skyline of Austin, TX
Views of the Austin skyline never get old | Photo by Carlos Alfonso

Congratulations, you’re officially a member of the ATXtoday club, which means you’re tapped into the latest news happening in Texas’ capital city.

We are ATXtoday — your new go-to for navigating all things Austin. Whether you’re walking the dog, still in bed, sitting in the carpool line, or sipping your morning coffee, your life as a smart, engaged Austinite just got a little bit easier.

Here’s what you can expect. ➡️

We’ll share what you need to know in Austin + in the metro area each day — from ranking the best dishes at a new restaurant to breaking down affordable housing — so you can wake up, read one (free) email, learn something new and move forward with your day. We call that a win.

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We’re giving you a sneak peek into what we’re working on. Here’s what you’ll find in our upcoming newsletters: 

  • November PlanAhead calendar. Just click on this link, and you can utilize our curated event calendar to find the best ways to fill all of your days around town — from shows to seminars. 🗓️
  • If you are interested in Austin’s oldest music venues, we’re going to break down the history of the long-standing establishments in the Live Music Capital of the World.
  • Love exploring the shops and restaurants in the 2nd Street District? We’re giving you the 411 on what’s new at one of the most popular shopping + dining areas in the city.
  • We will be diving into Austin’s booming real estate market + helping you scout out (or daydream about) your future home. 🏡
  • And of course, in the spirit of giving, stay tuned for a feature on when and where you can volunteer around town.

Additionally, we’ll be chatting with you about what your zip code says about you, local hiking trails off the beaten path + the story behind South Congress’ neon signs. ✨ 

Who are we? ➡️

ATXtoday is the 15th city that 6AM City (our parent company) is helping make smarter + more informed. We also exist in Chattanooga (NOOGAtoday), Raleigh (RALtoday), Louisville (LOUtoday), Charleston (CHStoday) + more. We’re written for locals by locals — who you will get to know in the coming weeks. 

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