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Try This: Hiring a wedding day pet attendant with The Pet Gal

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Who wouldn’t want this fluffy fella by their side on their big day? | Photo by the ATXtoday team

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Hello, Austin, City Editor London here. 👋 If you’re anything like me, you’d bring your pet with you everywhere — even to your big day.

Enter The Pet Gal, a Wedding Pet Attendant service. I tagged along to a recent event with Wedding Pet Attendant Clare and pup Kona, her fluffy charge for the day. Here’s what the experience was like, and how you can Try This.


Wedding Pet Attendant Clare made sure to get acquainted with Kona before the event. | Photo by the ATXtoday team

What we tried (with pricing):

Kona needed a little extra attention that afternoon, because he had to get emergency stitches that morning.

To ensure Kona’s mom and dad could focus on getting ready for their big day, Clare took on extra hours to stay with Kona at the emergency room and keep a close eye on the pupper after the wedding.

Clare provided just the kind of care you’d want for your furry family, and at the cost of $400 per two hours, you can count on similar support at your event.

What not to miss:

Kona didn’t let his chaotic morning get him down.

After recovering from his vet visit, he spent the day furiously tail-wagging, visiting his mom and dad while they got ready, and greeting wedding guests. Dressed to the nines in a little blue tie Clare brought for him, Kona was the star before the show. The service doesn’t usually provide attire for pets, but Clare wanted to be sure Kona looked his best after his visit to the emergency room.

Kona took his job of inspecting the wedding decorations very seriously. | Gif by the ATXtoday team

What we’re still talking about:

Kona was comfortable with Clare because she always takes the time to meet with pets and find out their favorite treatsahead of the event.

Clare has taken care of pups (and one cat) at ~20 weddings. The Pet Gal doesn’t have any species or size restrictions, although your experience may require additional sitters if you want to have multiple pets present.

All of the service’s sitters have a background in the pet industry, so your non-human family members will be in good hands.


Clare made sure Kona was dressed to the nines for his mom and dad’s big day. | Photo by the ATXtoday team

How you can experience this:

Check out The Pet Gal at the Bridal Extravaganza on Sun., Sept. 18 at the Palmer Event Center (900 Barton Spring Rd.).

If you’re interested in hiring a pet sitter for your wedding, you can book phone consultation online here for $400. The two-hour session includes event insurance and up to 60 miles of travelbut your sitter will travel even farther for a fee of $2 per mile.


The Pet Gal doesn’t have any species or size restrictions, and will even travel for your wedding. | Photo by the ATXtoday team

Things to know if you go:

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