Drink Up Month: Try the Bluebonnet at Estelle’s

Enjoy this limited-edition cocktail, the Bluebonnet, the last week of July in partnership for Drink Up Month.

Two clear and blue drinks on the counter at Estelle's.

The Bluebonnet will only be offered for a limited time in celebration of Drink Up Month.

Photo by ATXtoday

You can stop and taste the flowers at Estelle’s this week.

In celebration of Drink Up Month, our homage to beverages and beverage-makers in Austin, ATXtoday joined forces with social lounge Estelle’s, 400 Colorado St., to create a limited-edition floral cocktail: the Bluebonnet.

Designed by Estelle’s lead mixologist Paul Ramon, the cocktail is an elevated take on a Phil Collins, topped with blueberry and spirulina tea to create a vibrant blue hue.

You can order the Bluebonnet at Estelle’s all this week, or make it for yourself by combining:

  • 45ml of Bombay Sapphire
  • 45ml of Boodles gin
  • 15ml lemon juice
  • 10ml sugar

Shake with soda and leave some room. Top with blueberry and spirulina tea, then garnish with a dehydrated lime wheel or flower.