Where to get freebies for your “I Voted” sticker

You deserve a treat for doing your civic duty. 🇺🇸

An "I voted early" sticker on a finger in front of a green background.

Make your voice heard this election season.

Photo by ATXtoday

Austinites are showing up to vote this election cycle, and a few local businesses are rewarding those doing their civic duty. 🗳

Nearly 4% of registered voters in Travis County cast their ballots on the first day of early voting, Mon., Oct. 24; and by Thurs., Oct. 27, 9.7% of registered voters had made their voices heard. If you haven’t already, be sure to pick up your “I voted" or "Yo voté” sticker on the way out.

It’s important to note that even though giving out free goodies for voters is meant to boost voter participation, the practice is technically illegal when a federal candidate is on the ballot. However, businesses are rarely penalized for offering freebies.

So don’t be shy, here’s where you can get some goodies with a voting sticker.

Cuppa Austin Coffee | Now-Fri., Nov. 4 + Tues., Nov. 8 | 9225 W. Parmer Ln. | Bring in your sticker as proof of your patriotism and get either a free small drip coffee or 50% off any drink. ☕️

Kebabalicious | Now-Fri., Nov. 4 + Tues., Nov. 8 | Multiple locations | Take 20% off your order of kebabs, wraps, and falafel by flashing your sticker. 🥙

Kerbey Lane Cafe | Tues., Nov. 8 | Multiple locations | Early voters, hold onto your stickers until Election Day for a pancake on the house. 🥞

Soup Peddler | Now-Fri., Nov. 4 + Tues., Nov. 8 | Multiple locations | Celebrate using your voice with a free cup of soup of your choice with the purchase of any sandwich or salad. 🍲

As for getting to the polls, Lime is offering free rides from now until Election Day using code LIMETOTHEPOLLS2022. And don’t forget ride share company Lyft is offering 50% off rides to the polls — via car, scooter, or bike — using code VOTE22 for a discount up to $10.

Check out our 2022 election guide before you head out. Happy voting, Austin.

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